Proofreading plus

I will mark all the typical errors in one colour and I will suggest style improvements in a different colour. If the complexity of the text requres it, I pass your document to another proofreader of my network for quality control (the four-eye principle).

This method is suitable for all texts that need to be error-free and perfect in style.

Languages: German and English.

Price for proofreading

Hourly rate:  135 CHF
The Leserei can proofread 5 pages per hour on average, for a standard page of about 1,800 characters (without spaces). This average can vary, depending on the number and type of errors and on the degree of complexity of the text.

Minimum fee 60 CHF.


Do you belong to the many persons who like to write, but don’t dare because the spelling devil is breathing down their necks?

Contact me.

I offer individual coaching and group training. Dates and price depending on your needs.

Language: German.

Conventional proofreading

I will mark any spelling, typographical, and grammar mistakes as well as serious errors in content and style.

This service is suitable for all texts that are ready to be printed and just need to be proofread for spelling  mistakes, and typography.

Languages: German, English, French.

Price for conventional proofreading

Hourly rate: 135 CHF
As a general rule, Die Leserei can proofread about 9,000 characters per hour, which means about 5 pages (1 page = 1,800 characters without spaces). This average can vary, depending on the number and type of errors and on the degree of difficulty of the text.

Minimum fee 60 CHF.

Discounts on texts with no deadline, or a deadline in the far future

Die Leserei grants you a discount for time-independent proofreading or editing. Example: you send your text today, but don’t need it back corrected until four weeks from now – you pay less!
Please feel free to contact me if you have a wide time span.


Editing can mean different types of text editing, which differ in the intensity of the editing. This can range from classic proofreading to rewriting entire sections. Contact the reader, I would be happy to listen to your concerns. Language: German.

Price for proofreading

Hourly rate: 135 CHF or flat rate (only after precise consultation, ideally a test reading)
As a rule, the reader reads 4500 characters per hour, i.e. around 3 pages (1 page = 1800 characters without spaces). This average can vary greatly. Minimum amount per order 60 CHF.

We greatly appreciate the uncomplicated and professional cooperation with Anna Dätwyler. She knows how to empathise with the content of the articles and at the same time preserve the writer’s voice. She ensures that the texts are not only corrected but also improved in terms of content. Many thanks for the excellent work, it’s always a pleasure!

Stephanie Wirthlin, Marketing manager, Football Club Lucerne


Please let me know if your text should be proofread following British or American English standards. As a general rule, Die Leserei uses the Merriam Webster for American English and the Oxford Dictionary for British English, using the ‘Chicago Manual of Style’ for editing. If you would like me to use rules different from those, or if you follow specific wording or linguistic guidelines or have any other criteria that need to be followed, please let me know when placing your order.

A thought on artificial intelligence

Machine-controlled, data-based proofreading, translation, and copywriting programmes are becoming increasingly intelligent. Used wisely, this speeds up processes and can make work easier for all of us. As with almost everything, there is another side of the coin here too: not all types of errors can be recognised, and the computer cannot keep up with lyrical texts. So human intelligence will always be needed. Especially when a text is supposed to radiate a bit (or a whole quantum) of emotional intelligence.

General Terms and Conditions

Click here for the General Terms and Conditions of Die Leserei GmbH (in German, PDF, 20 KB).

Punctual, exact, and friendly – we have trusted Die Leserei for many years now and are extremely pleased with its quality, again and again.

Flavia Korner, BA FHZ in visual communication, Head of visual creation, Responsible for graphics and websites, FH SCHWEIZ, Zurich