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Data protection declaration

1. Introduction and basics

Anna Dätwyler is the operator of the website We attach great importance to respecting your privacy and protecting your personal data. When you visit our website, when you contact us and as part of our activities, we process personal data. In doing so, we adhere to the legal requirements that apply to this data processing and take appropriate and appropriate organizational and technical measures to ensure data protection and data security. With this data protection declaration we inform you about the type, scope and purpose of data processing as well as your rights as a data subject. If you have any questions or are unclear, we will be happy to help you. Our offer and this website are aimed at people in Switzerland. If we actively share data with partner companies, this will be listed separately and will only take place with your consent. When you visit our social media presence, the regulations of the respective operator also apply. 1.1. Contact persons The operator of this website is responsible for processing personal data: Die Leserei Anna Dätwyler Libellenweg 5 3006 Bern + 41 79 730 78 81 Our contact person for your questions and concerns regarding data protection as a data subject or authority is: Anna Dätwyler Libellenweg 5 3006 Bern + 41 79 730 78 81 1.2. Legal basis Our processing of personal data is based on the provisions of Swiss data protection law. These include in particular: Federal law on data protection of September 25, 2020 (Data Protection Act, DSG; SR 235.1) Ordinance on data protection of August 31, 2022 (Data Protection Ordinance, DSV; SR 235.11) 1.3. Terms The terms used in this data protection declaration are based on the definition in Article 5 of the Data Protection Act:

  • Personal data: all information that relates to an identified or identifiable natural person.
  • Data subject: natural person about whom personal data is processed.
  • Particularly sensitive personal data: data about religious, ideological, political or trade union views or activities, data about health, privacy or membership of a race or ethnic group, genetic data, biometric data that clearly identifies a natural person, data on administrative and criminal prosecutions or sanctions as well as data on social assistance measures.
  • Processing: any handling of personal data, regardless of the means and procedures used, in particular the procurement, storage, retention, use, modification, disclosure, archiving, deletion or destruction of data.
  • Disclosure: the transmission or making available of personal data.
  • Processor: private person or federal body who processes personal data on behalf of the person responsible.

1.4. Order data processing by third parties When processing personal data, we sometimes use services and tools from specialized external providers. Although we do not actively share the personal data with them, these providers can view the data as so-called processors. We have carefully selected the processors and concluded data processing contracts with them, unless they have already committed themselves otherwise to protecting the personal data viewed. This allows us to protect the processed personal data in the best possible way. 1.5. Data disclosure abroad We process personal data in Switzerland and also outside Switzerland as part of order data processing. Data disclosure abroad will occur either to States, territories, specific sectors within a State and international bodies with an adequate level of data protection, listed in Annex 1 to the Data Protection Regulation, or where an adequate level of data protection is otherwise ensured, for example through the use of standard data protection clauses or the standard contractual clauses recognized by the European Commission, specific contractual agreements or other guarantees. If, in exceptional cases, personal data is disclosed in countries without an appropriate or appropriate level of data protection, this will only be done with the express consent of the data subject or for the purpose of concluding or fulfilling a contract with a contractual partner in this country. 1.6. Data security We take the appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the confidentiality of your personal data. In the sense of access control, only authorized persons have access to the personal data that they need to fulfill their tasks. Likewise, only authorized persons have access to the rooms and facilities in which personal data is processed. Furthermore, access to electronically processed data is password protected. All data transmitted via our website is encrypted using SSL/TLS or HTTPS. You can identify transport encryption by looking at the padlock icon in the address bar of most browsers. However, we would like to point out that data transmission over the Internet (e.g. when communicating via email) can have security gaps. Complete protection of your data from access by third parties and security authorities at home and abroad is not possible.

2. Type, scope and purpose of data processing

As part of our activities, we process personal data with the purpose of being able to provide our offers and services in the best possible way. Our data processing is carried out lawfully, in good faith and proportionately. We only process personal data with your consent or if the processing is justified or necessary for other legal reasons. In addition, we can process personal data that we obtain from publicly accessible sources (e.g. registers), receive from third parties or collect in the course of our activities, provided that the legal requirements permit or provide for their processing. Our processing is limited to the necessary data and takes place for the necessary duration. Personal data that is no longer required will be anonymized or deleted. In order to provide our Internet presence and our activities, we also use services from specialized third parties. These services are integrated and embedded into our website, whereby it is technically necessary that certain data – usually aggregated, anonymized or pseudonymized – is transmitted to the respective provider or can be viewed by them. The services used are listed individually in this data protection declaration. 2.1. When using our website When you visit our website, personal data is collected, which, in addition to contact and content data, may also include your browser and device data, metadata, usage data, peripheral data and location information. This data does not allow any direct conclusions to be drawn about you. The data received when filling out and submitting order forms is subject to a statutory retention period. If payment data is also collected via an external payment provider, we only have limited insight into this data. Cookies Our website uses cookies, both our own cookies (first party cookies) and those from third parties (third party cookies). Cookies are small files in text or other form that are created by your browser and store data in the browser. They are either automatically deleted when you close the browser (“session cookies”) or remain stored for a certain period of time, but a maximum of one year (“permanent cookies”). Persistent cookies allow us to measure your repeat visits to our website. There are several types of cookies that may appear on our website:

  • Necessary cookies: They are necessary for our website to function.
  • Functional and performance cookies: They store your screen layout and language settings for the best possible browsing experience. Information about the use of our website is also collected with the purpose of improving the attractiveness, content and functionality of our website.
  • Cookies for measuring visitor numbers: They are used to create statistics in order to optimize the performance of our website.
  • Third-party advertising cookies: They can be used for online marketing.

You can use your browser settings at any time to determine whether cookies should be allowed, partially or completely deactivated and when they should be deleted. Please note that if you completely deactivate cookies, our website may no longer be usable or may only be usable to a limited extent. Measuring visitor numbers We record visits to our website to determine how our website is used and to use this information to improve the user experience. The Internet Protocol addresses (IP addresses) can be stored, although the IP addresses are generally shortened and therefore do not allow direct conclusions to be drawn about individual people. To optimally measure the number of visitors or to measure success and reach, we use services from third parties, specifically AwStats. Use takes place in accordance with the provider’s data protection regulations. AwStats is an open source analysis tool that statistically evaluates visitor access to the web server and is part of the hosting software. Access to this data is password-protected and is only possible for authorized users, i.e. the owners of the hosting and – at the express request of the owners – the server administrator. This data is collected, processed and used only for statistical purposes and to optimize our content. Server log files Our server can record your visit to our website and records the following data transmitted by your browser:

  • Date and time as well as the time zone
  • Internet Protocol address (IP address)
  • Operating system including information on the user interface and version
  • Browser including language and version
  • The individual pages of our website accessed during your visit, including the amount of data transferred and the length of stay
  • The origin of your visit, e.g. whether you accessed our website via a link on another website or a social media post.

This information is stored in server log files and is necessary to provide our website in a user-friendly and long-term manner. Fonts We use third-party services, specifically Google Fonts, to optimally display textual content and symbols on our website using Internet fonts. Google fonts are embedded on our website. General information about Google Fonts Data protection information from Google Fonts Plugins, extensions, extensions etc. In addition to the basic installation of our content management systems (CMS), which allows us to easily manage the content of our website, we use extensions, so-called plugins/extensions, which are provided by third parties in order to offer an optimal user experience and to protect our online offering . This protection is only possible by checking IP addresses. Use takes place in accordance with the data protection regulations of the providers. The IP addresses in the log are not evaluated and are deleted after 30 days. Data protection information from Antispam Bee (plugin collective) Privacy Disclosures from Limit Login Attempts Reloaded Privacy Disclosures from Ninja Firewall Data protection information from Statify (plugin collective) 2.2. When making contact When you contact us by post, email, contact form, telephone, SMS, WhatsApp, social media or in another way, we process the data you provide as well as related peripheral data (e.g. time of receipt, telephone number) in order to respond to your request to respond to your contact. Contact form For the optimal provision of contact forms and the transmission of the content filled in therein, we use services from third parties, specifically the plugin from Contact Form 7. The contents of the completed form are transmitted via email and therefore via the Internet – an open network accessible to everyone. The transmission of this data is therefore fundamentally to be viewed as unsafe. This message is also unencrypted and we have no influence over which providers are involved in the transmission and delivery of the message. We recommend sending your concerns confidentially by post. If the form content is stored, this happens exclusively on our web server. Sending the contact form can be made dependent on confirmation that the person filling it out is a human. To provide this verification, we use third-party services, specifically Google ReCaptcha. Use takes place in accordance with the provider’s data protection regulations. Address management We may store your contact details in an address management or CRM system. We will keep your contact if it meets the requirements of the statutory retention requirement. 2.3. As part of communication measures We may send notifications via email, newsletter, direct message, SMS or WhatsApp. In principle, you will only receive this after your express consent via double opt-in by receiving and clicking on a confirmation link or confirming your consent in a comparable way and at the same time verifying your email address or mobile phone number. This confirmation can be logged by us, whereby the Internet Protocol address (IP address) as well as the date and time are also recorded for evidentiary purposes. You can unsubscribe from our automated communication measures at any time, either via a link contained therein, via your user profile or by contacting us with this request. Despite unsubscribing, we will continue to send you necessary communications, for example as part of a possible contractual relationship. Our communication measures can use the links contained therein, tracking pixels or similar means to record whether the individual message is delivered, opened and clicked on. This status is recorded on a personal basis. We need this personal data for statistical purposes or to measure the success and reach of our communication measures as well as to optimize these measures based on the needs and preferences of the recipients. 2.4. Data storage For optimal storage and backup of files, we use services from third parties, specifically Microsoft. Use takes place in accordance with the provider’s data protection regulations. Data protection information from Microsoft 2.5. Scheduling For optimal scheduling, we use third-party services, specifically Google. Use takes place in accordance with the provider’s data protection regulations. Google Calendar privacy policy 2.6. Collaboration and training To optimally conduct online training and efficiently collaborate with external partners, we use third-party services, specifically Microsoft and Zoom. Use takes place in accordance with the provider’s data protection regulations. Zoom’s privacy policyData protection information from Microsoft Teams 2.7. Trust We work with Trescor Treuhand in Lucerne. Data protection information from AAA GmbH 2.8. On social media We operate profiles on the following social media platforms to provide information about our activities, to advertise them and to provide you with an easy way to contact us if you prefer these to traditional communication channels.

First and foremost, the terms of use and data protection regulations of these platforms apply, which you already agreed to when you joined the respective platform. Please contact the individual platforms to exercise your rights as a data subject in connection with the platform. 3. Your rights as a data subject We are happy to grant you the following rights as provided by law.

  • Right to information as to whether we process personal data about you and, if so, what it is. You will receive the information that is necessary so that you can assert your rights under the data protection law and to ensure transparent data processing. This includes, among other things, the purpose of processing, the retention period, disclosure abroad and the origin if the data was not obtained directly from you. We usually provide this information within 30 days. We can refuse to provide information if this is provided for by a law in the formal sense, in particular to protect professional secrecy, if this is necessary due to the overriding interests of third parties or if the request for information is obviously unfounded, in particular if it pursues a purpose that violates data protection or is obviously querulous.
  • Right to data release and transmission of your personal data in a common electronic format. This includes information that you have knowingly and willingly provided to us, as well as information that we have collected as part of your use of a service or device.
  • Right to object, on the one hand, to the disclosure of data to third parties and abroad. The Data Protection Act provides for exceptions in which disclosure is still necessary. On the other hand, you can object to the processing of your personal data for the purpose of direct advertising or profiling in connection with direct advertising or generally against the processing of your personal data. You can also revoke your previously given data protection consent to the processing of your personal data at any time.
  • Right to correct incorrect data, unless a legal regulation prohibits the change. Correction also includes completing or restricting the processing of your personal data.
  • Right to deletion and destruction of data and to object to future processing of new personal data about you. If your data is subject to a legal retention obligation, it will be deleted or destroyed after its expiry.
  • Right to complain to a responsible data protection supervisory authority (in Switzerland this is the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner EDÖB) if we do not comply with our data protection obligations.

Please note that in order to protect your personal data, we are legally obliged to verify your identity in advance in all of the above cases in order to prevent confusion or incorrect data disclosure. You have a duty to cooperate. These rights are usually granted free of charge. If, in exceptional circumstances, costs of a maximum of 300 francs are nevertheless imposed, particularly if the effort is disproportionate, we will consult with you in advance. In this case, if you do not confirm your request within ten days, it will be deemed withdrawn without incurring any costs.

4. Final provisions

We reserve the right to change the content of our website and this data protection declaration at any time. The current version is available on our website. It is the visitors’ responsibility to check the regulations for updates when they visit again. This privacy policy was last updated on November 30, 2023. This privacy policy is protected by copyright; it may not be used on other websites without consulting us.