Die Leserei

Anna Dätwyler is the director of the proofreading/editing provider Die Leserei GmbH. She works with the best proofreaders to offer only the best quality.

We have been relying on Die Leserei for years, on their exact and reliable way of working, their eagle eye, and their smooth wording in our publications. Thank you for all that!

Ulrike Seifart, Project manager communication, Teacher training college, Goldau, Canton of Schwyz

Your Swiss certified proofreader

I love reading. So I made reading my job.

The beauty of the printed letter never ceases to please me, I marvel a the changes our language goes through and let myself be enchanted by the art of writing.

I founded the proofreading/editing agency Die Leserei GmbH with the objective of satisfying my clients and offering them exactly what they need. And always ensuring top quality.

Qualifications and work experience

Lic. phil. I, English and Media Studies; proofreader with federal certificate (EFA) for German, English, and French (best qualification of the year)

First half of the new viscom 2021/2022 proofreader’s course for English
Course coordinator 2014 to 2018

9 years Die Leserei GmbH
3 years proofreading at the proofreading agency Rotstift AG
3 years proofreading at the Neue Luzerner Zeitung
3 years proofreading at the publishing house Verlag S. Karger AG

Image © Christine Blaser, Bildaufbau Image © Christine Blaser, Bildaufbau